Friday, 20 November 2015

Wake Up Call

Psst... psst...

It is a bright sunny morning. I think I’ll take my brand new Ferrari for a spin around town. Yeah, why not? Why not bring the crazy horse out and let the silver BMW rest today.

Call up my two favourite friends cum business partners and tell them to wait for me at the Paradise Restaurant, Kuala Lumpur. We’re gonna have fried lobsters, steamed crabs and fried squids with chili for lunch.

My Nokia N95 rings as I am about to exit the house. I hear my Aussie property agent’s voice on the other line, saying words in thick Australian slang. It is about a condo I have long planned to buy in Sydney, Australia. After a moment of discussion through the phone, I make up my mind and instruct him to secure the condo. There, the AUS$2 million condo is finally mine!

I get in the car and drive off with the roof-top down and Fergie’s London Bridge on the stereo. As I reach the Paradise Restaurant, the two are already there waiting for me, with all foods ordered and ready on the table. One is an anak Dato and the other one is a Tan Sri himself.

So most of the time we talk about our business strategies and the possibility of venturing into the China and New Zealand’s markets, while enjoying the lobsters, crabs, squids and the apple juice. What transpire from the meeting are as ‘delicious’ as the foods we are swallowing. I am so grateful for I have two  good reliable partners to keep my business growing.

A few minutes later, I order a banana split and some fruits to settle my poor overstuffed tummy. Good thing about the restaurant is that it provides a good massage treatment here for a good after-meal relaxation. Of course, you need an extra bill to pay. Since my business is running well, why not!

So I tell them two to carry on talking and discussing about the business strategies while I close my eyes and enjoy the light music… and the massage. Da… daa… da…daa… ahhhh those lovely tunes and sweet melodies just ‘rock’ me to sleep.

Then suddenly…

“Alo cik adik, wake up! Tido pun boleh senyum-senyum ke? Bangun la, dah pagi, breakfast dah siap… Nanti lambat sampai keje … takut stuck in the traffic jam.… nayaaaa saja kalau kena pecat nanti!”

Hmmm… if only life is as beautiful as the one I had before the wake-up call… ahhhh (sighs)!

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