Thursday, 19 November 2015


Psst... psst...
Ever wonder why women love make-up? Well, the answer lies in the brain. According to a 2-year research done by Japanese scientists, women anticipate a rush of anticipation and optimism as they prepare to apply make-up. Once they had applied the make-up, women experience positive emotions and higher self-esteem.
I seldom wear make-up. I only apply it on when I have to attend special occasions like weddings, company annual dinners and parties. Other than that, I like to leave my face fresh and clean. But then again, without lipstick on, my lips will look really pale.
So, one day as I was checking on my Facebook, I came upon a short video clip showing a pretty girl giving a tutorial on how to apply make-up the right way. Then I saw her putting on this one pale pink coloured lipstick, which I thought would suit any make-up free faces.
The next day, I went for a hunt. A hunt for a pale pink coloured lipstick at the Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur. I came across many products but none looked like the one I saw in the video clip. I almost gave up when I saw an Estee Lauder booth at the concourse area. Ok, just one last store then go home, I told myself. So, I quickly went inside and described the kind of lipstick I wanted to one of its salesgirls. She then gave me a few samples to try. Finally, I got it! Among all the samples, I found the colour that looked almost the same as the one I saw in the video. Yay!!!
So, tadaaa.........
If you wish to search for it at any Estee Lauder outlet, just ask for ENVY POTENT. However, if you're too lazy to go out from your house, here's how you can shop on your favourite Estee Lauder products online .

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