Monday, 30 November 2015

Monday Blues

Psst... psst...
I know most of you would agree with me if I said Mondays are boring and can be depressing. It’s the start of a new week and you’ve got five full hectic days to get through until the weekend. At times like this, all I wanna do is listen to some music and at the same time get my work done.
Since I am a Celcom user, I love tuning to Yonder Music. It is a mobile-only, digital music service that gives users legal access to millions of songs to download and play — commercial free. Play music how you want – Yonder progressively downloads the tracks to your devices as they play, so they are available when you are offline. Additionally, related music is downloaded to your device giving you an amazing experience when you are offline!
So if you are a Celcom user, why don't you download the app and see how cool it is! You can get the app from the iTunes Store / Apple Store. At least to keep your boredom at bay and your Mondays won't be so mundane. Here’s how you can download tracks while you stream at one go

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