Monday, 2 November 2015

Seriously Nothing To Write About Today

Psst... psst...

I seriously don't know what to write about today.
When I say I seriously don't know, means I really really really don't know.
It's just that there's nothing much to tell.

Should I write about food I love to eat?
Well no, that's so lame. I mean the kind of food I have been having lately is lame.
What's new with nasi lemak, roti canai, sushi and nasi ayam.

Should I write about my past travel moments?
Nahhh, I have written about them way too many times.
I need a break from writing about my travels and I have not been to a new place for quite a long while.

Should I write about my OOTD?
Nothing extravagant about the clothes I wear daily. It's just jeans and T.
I only wear nicer clothes on special occasions.

Should I write about the things I love doing?
Like what? Watching movies? Lame.
Travelling? Guess you've known about it from my previous post.
Blogging? Just started and... that's it.

Should I write about my cat?
Sleep and eat, that's all he does everyday.
And oh, he meows like every 30 minutes.
If I write about him, it'll be meows throughout my post.

So... I am left with nothing to write about today.
Seriously nothing.

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