Wednesday, 18 November 2015

A Walk In A Garden

Psst... psst...

Few days back, my hubby and I went to The Gardens at MidValley Megamall, to have something to eat. At the same time, just to have some quality time together. And yes, our quality times are mostly spent outside, not so much at home.

It was a lovely feeling as we both slowly toured around the mall, side by side, hand in hand, cheek to cheek... ok ok, cheek to cheek didn't happen at all. Just a made-up. But try to picture the situation yourself in a dreamy mode!
So, back to that lovely feeling.... yeah, a beautiful feeling indeed (remember to put your dreamy mode on!). It's like walking in a garden covered with fresh green grass (shoes $$), colourful flowers (handbags $$) and lush trees (dresses $$) and... with the butterflies (accessories $$) flying everywhere.
Then there's a couple of deers peeking (home appliances $$) through trees, some rabbits (jewellery $$) hopping around playing with each other and... there... a group of blue birds (watches $$) perched in the trees chirping beautiful melodies. This garden must be huge, it contained almost everything!
I turned to my husband and said, "Ain't it beautiful, baby?"
He nodded in agreement and replied softly, "Yes, indeed the garden is so beautiful! But no baby, we're not gonna pluck those flowers or capture one of the butterflies and bring them home though. They are much better untouched, well, you know, in order to preserve the beauty of the garden. Touching them may cause damage, not only to them or the garden, but also to you and ..... to me".
He smirked. I sighed.
So, there you go, my story of going to the mall but not doing any shopping at all. Pfftttt....!!!

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