Tuesday, 10 November 2015


Psst... psst...

Deepavali fell on Tuesday, so I figured if I took a leave from office on Monday, it would be a long break for me. So, I applied for that leave and got it approved. Husband agreed to the idea and he also took a leave on the same day.

On Friday, the week before Deepavali came around and a day after I applied for leave, we both started planning on what we should do and where should go.

Wife: Should we do hiking somewhere somewhere?
Husband: No, we need energy to do that. Too old now.

Husband: Ahhh, I know, how about just lepak at Ipoh and jalan-jalan cari makan?
Wife: Sounds good but... Ipoh? What a boring place.

Wife: Ok, then should we go to Banjaran Hotspring and just relax?
Husband: Too expensive, so no.

Husband: How about Sepang Gold Coast?
Wife: Can also but we need to get the ocean view room. If not, rugi la!
(Called Sepang Gold Coast, but they informed thay couldn't guarantee a room will full ocean view for us and suggested that we just walk-in and see-how. So, no to Sepang Gold Coast this time. Didn't want to penat-penat travel jauh-jauh but didn't manage to get the room we wanted).

Wife: ^&^@#%)_*&&*^%"%$@*
Husband: No

Husband: $%*&#=^$&*{?<*#@@
Wife: No
The conversation went on and on like this for like 2 days. It's either I gave a suggestion and he declined or vice versa. Since, we couldn't quite make up our minds, we lost 2 precious days - Saturday & Sunday. We did nothing much on those days except going out for food with friends and watching movies.

But then, not wanting to waste our Monday-leaves just like that, we finally decided to go to Kuala Gandah Elephant Orphanage Sanctuary at Lanchang, Pahang to pay some gajahs a visit.

But too bad, when we were there, the river water was high so no bathing session for the gajahs. Aishhhh! That was supposed to be the main highlight of the visit. Tak pa lah, maybe next time then.
But I did learn a lot of amazing stuff about elephants though, such as:

* People shake hands when greeting some one, elephants do the same thing with their trunks.
* Studies show that when pacts of elephants stomp the ground with their feet, it sends sub-sonic ripples through the ground, which the receiving pact can collect through the sensitive nerves in their feet.
* Elephants are extremely emotional creatures capable of mimicking sounds, feeling sadness, glee, and anger. Kuat merajuk kinda creatures they are!
* Elephants never forget! They have exceptionally good memories. They can remember the path where they first found their food and they will keep going there. So if you build a farm or a structure in the middle of that path, they will just langgar. They will just knock things off their path.

Well, we had quite an enjoyable time there at the sanctuary eventhough we didn't get to skodeng them berendam in the river. The opportunity to learn and understand them was good enough for us and not too bad at all.

By the way, that boy is not related to me, in case you're curious.

We might come here again someday, but this time, I'll make sure I get to see you guys bathe! Mesti cute!

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