Sunday, 27 December 2015

The Big 4-Oh!

Psst... psst...
So I've hit the big 4-Oh!
Another milestone.
Scary as it may sound (the BIG 4-OH! You're getting old! Soon you're gonna die! Geddit?), but life has to go on.
So I am just gonna chill and enjoy every moment of my existence.
And of course, my birthday was celebrated at Nobu, KL, pre-arranged by who else.... my ever-so-charming husband. Awww... thank you, meatloaf, you shouldn't have!
Our picks were the Yellowtail Shashimi Jalapeno, Toro Tartar, Baby Tiger Shrimp Tempura - Creamy Spicy / Ponzu / Jalapeno and Black Cod with Miso, Miso Soup and mocktails (drinks). Yummeh!!!

And then, last but not the least, a cute but delicious birthday cake that came as a surprise. Awesome!

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