Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Right At My Back

Psst... psst...

Today's story....

It was 7:00 am in the morning and I was feeling rather lightheaded. I texted my boss telling him that I would be in a bit late. Then I tried to get back to sleep... but I couldn't. So, I just closed my eyes and berangan yang indah-indah.

At about 8:00am, husband got up and saw me next to him.

Hubby: Hey, you're up late. Not going to work today?
Me: I'm going to office a bit late today. Not feeling too well. I'll go out when you go out.
Hubby: Are you ok, baby? I'm gonna get ready in 15 minutes.
Me: Nah, just a mild headache, but I'm fine. Thanks baby. And yeah, 15 mins sounds good.

15 mins later, he got up from bed, I got up from bed. We both showered. Got dressed. We prepared Felix (our cat) his food and water and said bye-bye to him. And then finally, we got out of the house together.

On the way to our cars...
Me: I'm headed to Kota Damansara, you to Damas?
Hubby: Yepp baby. We'll be on the same route and in the same direction, from home up till Jalan Duta. Ain't that sweet?
Me: Nice...

When we reached our cars...
Me: Ok baby, have a productive day ahead. I love you!
Hubby: You too. Drive safely, don't drive too fast, be handy with your signals. Look left and right before you turn. Don't play with your phone. Love you, don't worry baby, I'll be right at your back.

And that is why I was on my very extremely best driving behaviour on my way to work this morning! At least up to Jalan Duta. Hehehe...

Well, behind every successful man, there's a great woman. Behind every well behaved woman driver, there's ... errr.... her husband! Ngeeee.... :D

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