Wednesday, 16 December 2015

First World Problem

Psst... psst...
You know what, for the past 3 months, my lovely darling husband had been losing sleep and it's all because of this one silly handphone he wanted to buy so badly. There's nothing wrong with the old one, just 'gatal' nak up-to-date with the latest technology. Eventually, he cannot tahan anymore, so he ordered one. Yes, you heard it right, he ordered, means he beli online.
So finally he got it last weekend. The silly handphone was finally here to take over our life! For the past 2 days, my hubby had been seen doing nothing else but inspecting, examining and playing with his new handphone, doing stuff like transfering data, sync-ing contacts and downloading apps. The only times he was seen not touching his new handphone were when he was asleep or having his meals or when we had to go to the toilet.
For 2 days, I was left alone. I felt neglected. Empty. Lonely. Depressed. Sad.
Something had to be done. I could see that this was gonna take a while for him to get back to his normal self, so, last night I thought I'd distract him, well to see if he still remembered his wife, if he still noticed that his wife wasn't dead yet, if I am still his number uno. So I asked him...
"Yang, yang, dah key-in contact number semua orang?"
"Dah... baby"
(glad he still called me baby, ingat kot dah lupa dah)
"So, of all the contact numbers you have, whose number did you key-in the first?"
"Aiyaaaooh... yours laaa... that's by default, maaaa... aiyaaaoooh"
(then he continued playing with the handphone)
There goes our romantic life, gone down the drain. So everybody, I'm very sad to tell you that it is confirmed now that I have lost my husband to a handphone... pffttttt....!

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