Thursday, 29 October 2015

Whaaat.... Just 16%?

Psst... psst...
I extremely love travelling.
If travelling were a man, I'd be his closest and most loving companion.
I've made a pact with myself to travel to at least one new place every year. If I can afford to travel to more than one new place that year, that's even better! It doesn't matter whether it is in the country I have been or I have not been to before or in my own country Malaysia. But of course, I prefer to travel luar negara-lah.
So far, I have been to 37 countries (16%) out of 223 countries and they are marked in red colour on the map below. Aishhh... for a 40 year old me, 16% is too sikit! So, I'd better start planning my travels for next year now. So, mana nak pegi next year? Hmmm...

You can colour your map too, here.

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