Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Hidayah... Like Seriously?

Psst... psst...

I just have to 'mengumpat' in this post.

A friend of mine posted a photo of her husband and Malaysian singer Sheila Majid up on her Facebook. A moment later, came this one kutu berahak and wrote "Apa nak jadi mak hajah sorang ni. Semoga dia dapat hidayah" in the comment thread.

Seriously?? What hidayah are you referring to? How much hidayah have you gotten, makcik? Enough to send you to heaven, izzit? Is it because she doesn't wear a headscarf like you? Or is it because she is more beautiful than you are? You may think you can condemn such people, but you are just as bad as the satan. So how can a foul mouthed person like you obtain hidayah? Ke syok sendiri saja? What have you contributed to the world and mankind?

If this is the kind of people that will be flocking to heaven (which I doubt so), I can imagine the huru-haraness and the torturous eternal life I have to spend in there. Urghhhh....

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